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paintings 025 Hello and Welcome to PainterJeffrey, my web-site.

In here one will find most of all of my paintings I have completed over the years.  There are also new paintings I am currently working on for an upcoming show at the Meekins Library this fall ’16 in Williamsburg.  They really are better live.


The show is currently up at the Meekins Library.  Entitled, “the latest….”  With an under score name of, “folk”paintings because there are people folk and I consider a folk painter.  I do so very much call myself a folk painter in the most loving way.  I remember professional “arts” people in NYC looking mortified when I’d say that my #1 artistic influence growing up was Bob Ross on the tv.  I feel like I have been out here on an island in the art world so to speak because I always held a day job, and consider myself to be somewhat self taught.  Of course I have grown and matured some, and can spout all sorts of influences upon my work now, but back then, Bob Ross was my introduction to painting.  A calming voice in my life, and he was just about the happiest guy I knew.  I am also a New Englander which has a long and proud folk tradition.  I was also fortunate to have werked in the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a time as security and was able able to immerse myself in all kinds of world class art.  At the core though I would say is calligraphy.  Calligraphy is where it all started.  Fifth grade, Miss Brown’s class.

It just so happen Miss Brown was a fantastic Calligraphist.  And once a week for an hour a group of us work with ink and paper.  Well I just loved it.  Plus my Grandma Gillis dabbled a little in calligraphy and once she saw what I was doing in school it became a thing with us.  Something to share.  And back then graffiti in Springfield was getting really popular, and they where coming out with these cool new paint markers.  So I just kind of kept it up with the “calligraphy”.  Developing my own style, that was really important in Springfield.  You wanted to be the freshest.  And that stuck with me.  I did take one painting class at our city’s museum downtown when I was 16 and that was a lot of fun.  So come time for college I applied to the only art school that did not need a portfolio, because I had none.  Southeastern Massachusetts University.  And the application was still a fill in the box type, one page, no essay.  Turns out that SMU had a wonderful art program.  A whole building just for the arts, plus studios in the old mills of New Bedford.  It was great.  And by my 5th year I was a serious fine art student.